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Procrastination is a word many of us identify with.  School, homework, blogging.  Staying away from the things that need to be done.  My life.  My life.  My life.  Where to begin, and you are sure to fall prey… Listen I say.  Listen.  Use your eyes.  Find the most obscure, and the object will become the most obvious.  It was there, I promise, all along, there.  Open your eyes…. A simple way to starting life over at the ripe age of thirty-six.  Back in school.  Trying to find my voice.  Finding my voice.  Using my voice.  The power to see and understand (smell) reality.  Life is an illusion.  Consistently played with major players.  Magicians if you will.  Wait, look, observe.  Listen.  Don’t let them fool ya!  We are all, let’s say equal players.  Some of us with an advantage.  Smarts, talent, creativity.  Some of us, Not.  Learn the game, and you will have fun.  Play the game and you are sure to fall prey.  Doing all in your power, to  smell, what the heavens have left for you    



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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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